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The TDP Leaders and the people of Andhra Pradesh protesting against the housing scam being happening under the YCP governance.

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Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu expressing solidarity with the protesters on the occasion of #200DaysOfAmaravatiProtests, a agitation against the 3 Capitals decision taken by the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led G [...]

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The Guntur Government General Hospital (GGH) has created a record of sorts to become the first hospital in the government sector to perform heart transplantation in the Telugu States. A Team of doctors led by A.G.K. Gokhale transplanted the heart of Immabathuni Yedukondalu, a lorry driver, to Uppu Yedukondalu, a car driver.
Highlights of transplant:

  • It was the first heart transplantation performed in A.P. after bifurcation.
  • It was the first time that the heart has been transplanted in a local hospital.
  • A day after the donor was declared brain dead at NRI General Hospital, his organs were harvested and transplanted to four recipients.
  • The heart was given to Uppu Yedukondalu at the Government GGH in Guntur, the liver to a patient at Manipal Hospital, Tadepalli, the kidney to a patient in Arun Kidney Centre, Vijayawada, and the eyes to Vasan Eye Care, Vijayawada.

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The emergence of a new auto hub in southern Andhra Pradesh, in the integrated business region, 'SriCity', is posing a new challenge for the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Being a keen enthusiast in the industry sector, AP's Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, is going all out to sell the zone.
Kartikeya Misra, director Industries,Andhra Pradesh Government said around Rs 12,000 crore worth of investments will materialise in the next 12-18 months.He also added that in the next 10 years, AP will create a strong auto cluster in this region and become a automobile hub and export gateway for South India.

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CBN recently launched loan redemption scheme for horticultural farmers in Kadapa which will benefit 2.23 lakh farmers in the state. In a bid to offer financial help to burdened horticultural farmers, CBN took the decision to include them in the list of beneficiaries along with the regular farmers. The scheme will cost Rs. 384.47 crores to the state exchequer.
91% of beneficiaries are small farmers who hold land less than 5 acres. The list of beneficiaries comprises of 23000 SCs and STs. Horticultural farmers expressed immense joy and thanked CBN for his timely intervention.

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