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Engineering colleges to shut down - no tuition fee reimbursements Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 February 2012 17:25
Thanks to the Kiran Governments indifference towards students and the unique program of tuition fee reimbursement scheme the majority of Engineering and MCA colleges are on the verge of closure from next Tuesday , February 7th.
Following the dues of Rs.4500 crores of arrests  in fee reimbursements the government has ignored the notice given by the  educational institutions on January 15th. Next to IT sector the Education sector has been worst hit due to political agitations in the Telangana and Coastal Andhra region that struck Andhra Pradesh in  early 2010.
The impact has been so rough that  in as many as  46,242 of the  1,80,000 seats in the 692   plus  engineering colleges in the state has no takers .Only 95,000 of the 1.42 lakh students took  admission in the first round of counseling  which concluded on  Wednesday  accounting for   54 percent of the total seats . College management and Government are apprehensive that in the second round of counseling the  percentage of admission might fall further .  Subsequently  nearly  175  of n720 odd  engineering colleges had also announced their decision to shutdown shop due to government indifference to clear the dues.
“Uncertainty over whether they will be able to complete the course, threat to academic activity  and also prospects of violence has been keeping the students, particularly  those from non-locals (outside states ) away “ says the state  higher education council former chairman  Prof K C Reddy.
The student’s community, teachers and the managements of educational institutions are in a jittery as the political parties –TRS, BJP, Congress and TDP intensified their activities with the approaching deadline for announcement of Telangana.  “: Whether students will write their annual exams for 2010 academic year in March next is the million dollar question “  says Dr. K .Sudhakar  Chowdhary , chairman of one of the institutions .
Of the 46,000 vacant engineering seats, 40 percent were from the 225 odd engineering colleges in Hyderabad city and outskirts. “Earlier students were opting for colleges on the basis of faculty and courses, but now they prefer colleges near home so tha t they could overcome the bandhs and agitations “said   Niranjan Reddy, who worked at an engineering college, 25 kms from Hyderabad. As a result the College management ( mostly real estate operators ) have offered  apartments, hostels  etc  as an inducement to fill up the seats in their colleges .
 Last year, at the end of the first phase of counselling only 4,630 seats of 1.5 lakh seats on offer were left vacant. If there were 654 colleges last year, there are 692 now and the number of seats has gone up by 30,000. Officials say that many students have taken admission in engineering colleges of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, giving AP a miss  due to poor standards of education  in the state . But analysts  blame it  on the  'T' trouble brewing in the state is another factor that has led to this brain drain from AP.
Officials say  that  of the 280  plus engineering college in the state almost   250 were in private  sector  and spread over Telengana ( 340 ) including 225  odd in Hyderabad ), Coastal andhra ( 210 ) and  remaining in Rayalaseema  region .” Ironically students of Telangana are choosing colleges in Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra “, say the education department officials
State social welfare minister Pilli Subash Chandra Bose said the fall out in the engineering seats was also due to the uncertainty in the ‘tuition fee reimbursement scheme under the Rosaiah regime.  Former chief minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy had initiated the program to bring higher education within the reach of the poor students of all sections like BC/SC/ST/EBC and Minorities.
” Nearly Rs. 2600 crore was given away  to  22 lakh students  till 2008 and  after his death  the backlogs  for  2009 itself was Rs. 1800  crore  “ said the minister . Rosaiah had not  placed   income ceilings  of  One lakh and also attendance of  75 percent  as eligibility to claim the  reimbursement benefit which was disbursed  online directly into the bank accounts of students .
Another factor bothering the engineering colleges in the state is the low off take of graduates in the IT industries in the state. Of the nearly .1.1 lakh graduates  passing out  from the engineering colleges since 2005 hardly  30,000 to  50,000  are getting absorbed and others have to opt for low paid options  like the  Call centres and  BPO .
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